Friday, March 16, 2012

The Origin Of A Species?

According to recent reports, a group of Chinese and Australian researchers have published a controversial study asserting that a number of unusual-looking fossils unearthed in southern China belong to a previously unknown species of humans. The fossils, with their unusually thick brows and angled jaws, exhibit a mixture of primitive and modern features, making them anatomically unique.

Computer-generated projections on how these species of apes, christened the "Red Deer Cave People", possibly looked like, came up with this likeness:

Other scientists not directly involved with the study are not entirely convinced that the Red Deer Cave people are a different species. Some suggest they're related to another species of ancient humans, while others believe that they're actually modern humans who just happen to look different.

To put the debate to a rest, the study's authors are working on extracting and analyzing DNA from the Red Deer People's fossil remains, and using similar programs their counterparts used to come up with projections on how a modern-day descendant of the Red Deer Cave people would look like. Initial projections indicate such a person would look like this:

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